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Help your patients make the most of their healthcare dollar by prescribing generics rather than high-cost brand name drugs. Prescription drugs are among the most costly aspects of healthcare, but you can help your patients by prescribing generics.

Be RxSmart

Our be RxSmart prescription drug benefit is designed to educate our members on the opportunities to save by practicing healthy lifestyle habits and using generics and low-cost alternatives to brand name medications. A large number of prescription drugs lost patent protection, creating even more opportunities to save on drug costs. Network Providers can find a list of recent changes to the prescription drug formulary on myBlue Provider. If you are not a Network Provider, please visit the Out of State and Non-Network Rx Medication Search page.

Medical Drug Formulary

Our Medical Drug Formulary is designed to educate our providers on the availability of drug coverage in a medical setting. This functionality allows providers to view coverage status of drugs administered in a medical setting for BCBSMS Local Member. Network Providers can find Medical Drug Coverage on myBlue Provider. Non-Network and Out-of-State providers can find medical drug coverage details by entering the drug name, NDC, or procedure code on this Medical Drug Formulary search page.

Find Cost-Effective Alternatives

Our myBlue web portal helps members find lower-cost alternatives to brand name medications. Discuss generic and other low-cost alternatives with them to help them get the most cost-effective and medically effective prescription drugs. Network Providers can use myBlue Provider to check member benefits, including prescription drug benefits. Non-network and out-of-state providers can find a member's specific prescription drug formulary details by entering the Member ID and the provider's NPI on this prescription drug search page.

Prior Authorization Requests and Quantity Limits

Some prescription drugs require prior authorization to help ensure the most cost-effective and medically necessary medication is used to help our members.

Quantity limits are based on manufacturer and U.S. FDA recommendations, as well as accepted medical practices. Limits help control prescription drug dosing and duration while minimizing the potential for adverse events. Medication details regarding benefits related to prior authorization and quantity limits are available through myBlue Provider or the Out of State and Non-Network Provider forms page.

Click here to learn more about prescription drugs requiring prior authorization.

Forms and Downloads

Visit the Forms and Downloads section to access Prior Authorization requests, Medical Policy information and more. This information is available to Network Providers through our myBlue Provider web portal.

Our Services

Our Pharmacy Service Team is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 601-664-4998 or 800-551-5258.

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