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Out-of-State & Non-Network Providers

Providers may request pre-certification/prior authorizations to help our members receive the most cost-effective , medically necessary care. Information on this page facilitates care management with out-of-state Blue Plan network providers and non-network Mississippi providers.

For providers contracted with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, please login to myBlue Provider above to check eligibility and care management requirements, and also to submit any applicable Prior Authorizations for medical services and/or prescription drugs.  

To view the Blue Plans' medical policies or general pre-certification/pre-authorization information, please select the type of information requested, enter the first three letters of the member's identification number on the Blue Cross Blue Shield ID card, and click "GO".

Type of information being requested :

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When you click on the "GO" button, if you have entered an alpha prefix for a patient with another Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan, you will leave the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi website and enter a website operated by another Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan. We do not control third-party websites and are not responsible for the information therein.

If you experience difficulties or need additional information, please contact 1.800.676.BLUE.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug benefits vary with a member's benefit plan. Non-network and out-of-state providers can find a member's specific prescription drug formulary details by entering the Member ID and the provider's NPI on this prescription drug search page.

Medical Drug Formulary

Non-network and out-of-state providers can medical drug coverage details by entering the drug name, NDC, or procedure code on this medical drug formulary search.

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