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Company Profile

Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA) has been a Healthy Workplace group since 2009. They are a small underwritten business with 45 covered employees through Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. They have established a Health and Wellness committee and strive to lead the group in activities. The group is taking the initiative to create their own wellness plan of activities tied in with Healthy Workplace to get more group involvement. They are committed to health and wellness and incorporating it into their culture.

Business Challenge and Solution

The greatest challenge MHA employees face as a Healthy Workplace group is balancing their time focused on wellness while continuing to meet business expectations. They have been able to overcome this challenge by establishing a wellness committee of invested employees ready to take charge and go the extra mile to assist colleagues in reaching their personal wellness goals. They also established an internal wellness incentive plan for employees who are actively participating and seeing results. From time to time, they hold lunch and learn meetings focusing on stress management and overall wellness. The employees are eager to participate in any wellness challenge that is presented and are better educated to understand healthy habits.

MHA - Healthy Workplace MHA - Healthy Workplace MHA - Healthy Workplace
The Results
Progress Chart

In 2009, 81% of MHA employees participated in the PWP and Health Screenings with 49% in 2012. The drop in participation was based on the idea that screenings are held around the holiday season and several employees are traveling with family. Over the course of four years, significant improvements have been made with the employees' health status. The percentage of employees with an obese BMI in 2009 was 37% and in 2012 it dropped to 27%. The number of employees at risk for diabetes in 2009 was 34% and in 2012 was 23%. The greatest biometric achievement has been seen in blood pressure with a drop from 26% in 2009 to only 9% of employees at risk in 2012. More and more MHA employees also report positive lifestyle behaviors related to regular exercise and good nutrition as shown in the chart below. Employees have also maintained a consistent level of positive stress management habits at 96% over the years.

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