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Healthy Workplace - A History

In 1995, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi began a journey to support its employees – to create a healthy working environment to support them on their personal wellness journey. We made a commitment to promote healthy living by providing a supportive environment, culture, leadership team, and consistent promotion of the wellness benefits available. We began seeing an increase in employee morale and productivity. And our healthcare costs slowly began to decrease. While this endeavor didn't bring overnight success, it was the journey that allowed us to learn what worked and what didn't. We know that it’s part of our Company’s wellness journey, and we are staying the course.

Through that success came the vision of our Healthy Workplace initiative.

In 2007, we shared our success with other businesses who wanted to make the same commitment to their employees. Since then, our partnerships have grown to include more than 60 businesses now seeing many of the same benefits we have.

The goal of Healthy Workplace is to help businesses and employees – healthy employees are more productive, miss less work and have lower healthcare costs. By understanding existing health risks of your employee population and then identifying opportunities to engage them, you can both benefit from tailored programs to meet yours and your employees’ needs.

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