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Leading the Way with Wellness

A focus on preventive wellness, from a business perspective, can have a significant impact in the workplace that extends to families and communities. Wellness programs in the workplace can help improve employee health habits which can lower health risks and, ultimately, healthcare costs. They can also help improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

As part of its ongoing efforts to make Mississippi a healthier place to work, the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Health & Wellness Team hosts businesses from across the state for an annual Healthy Workplace Summit on its campus. The Summit is a time for business leaders to gather together to learn about the latest innovations in health and wellness practices for their employees.

“The purpose of the Healthy Workplace Summit is to empower and energize Mississippi’s business leaders to create healthy cultures in the workplace that encourage employees to engage with and take ownership of their health,” said Christina Thomas, director, health and wellness service, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi.

Mississippi businesses can empower life-long change by utilizing the resources and learning available from Healthy Workplace, connecting employees with the healthcare providers who can help them be their healthiest (Blue Primary Care Home) and encouraging employees to make the most of their wellness and health management benefits.

“Our goal is for employers to embrace the “wellness home” and align their employees with a Blue Primary Care Home clinic,” said Bryan Lagg, senior vice president, consumer marketing and sales with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. “Blue Primary Care Home is making an impact as employees choose a primary care provider who supports them in managing their health and coordinating their healthcare needs. This not only helps manage healthcare costs, but puts the patient at the center of a conversation with their provider about their health and the steps they need to take together to manage or improve their health. At the end of the day, this means healthier and more productive employees and healthier communities too.”

Summit attendees engage in working sessions on strategies for engaging employees and promoting wellness in the workplace. Guest speakers are also a feature of the day’s agenda offering critical insights into the value of health and wellness for businesses. Each session is designed to get business leaders thinking about new ways they can engage their own employees in learning ways they can take ownership of their health.

For the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Health & Wellness Team, the Healthy Workplace Summit is another opportunity to teach, inspire and encourage employers to be working environments that positively impact the health of their employees, their businesses and their communities.

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