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Creating a tobacco-free workplace

If you're interested in becoming a tobacco-free workplace, we're here to help.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is a tobacco-free workplace, and we can share our success with you and help make the transition as easy as possible.

If you have our coverage and choose to become a tobacco-free workplace, we may be able to extend our Be Tobacco-free program benefit to you and your employees. This benefit provides 90 days of smoking cessation therapy, telephone counseling and office visits with a Be Tobacco-free Network Provider. This program is available to you and your employees at no cost -- all you have to do is become tobacco-free, which means no tobacco use on your property by employees, customers, visitors or vendors.

Being a tobacco-free workplace benefits everyone. Employees who do not smoke can enjoy a healthier work environment, and smokers may have that extra incentive to cut back, or better yet, quit for good. And, healthier employees have reduced absenteeism rates and lower healthcare costs. Being tobacco-free also demonstrates your commitment to your employees' health and fosters a positive image of your business.

Being tobacco-free truly benefits everyone, from your employees to your visitors and the community as a whole. Let us show you how being a tobacco-free workplace can benefit you!

For more information about the Be Tobacco-free program for businesses, contact our Healthier Mississippi Team at 601-664-4775.

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