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This Medical Policy is provided for informational purposes only.

If Members have any questions about the medical necessity of a service or procedure, they should discuss the question with their Network Provider or call a member of our Customer Service Team.


  1. Medical Policy is used by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, A Mutual Insurance Company ("BCBSMS") as one set of guidelines (among other sets of guidelines) to assist BCBSMS in making benefit coverage decisions. BCBSMS utilizes Medical Policy adopted by our Medical Policy Advisory Committee ("MPAC") which is supported by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Medical Policy, research and development. Medical Policies are the property of BCBSMS and any use of Medical Policy not agreed to by BCBSMS is strictly prohibited. The use of Medical Policy for purposes related to the health care of a BCBSMS plan member is permitted and is not a violation of the proprietary rights of BCBSMS.
  2. These Medical Policies are based on scientifically meritorious evidence provided through research for a particular medical technology. Medical Policy is also based on data from peer-reviewed scientific literature, from criteria developed by specialty societies and from guidelines adopted by other health care organizations.
  3. These Medical Policies apply to members/subscribers who have health insurance through BCBSMS. This Medical Policy also applies to members of a self-insured group health plan for which Blue Cross & ; Blue Shield of Mississippi provides claims administration and persons covered by a Medicare Supplement policy offered by BCBSMS. This Medical Policy does not apply to any other individuals. Medical Policies may differ for Federal employees covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan.
  4. In the event of any conflict between this Medical Policy and any benefit plan, Summary Plan Description or other coverage document, the benefit plan, Summary Plan Description or other coverage document will govern.
  5. Medical technology is rapidly changing and these Medical Policies are subject to change without notice. Also, please be aware that as a result of ongoing changes being made to Medical Policy, BCBSMS cannot and does not guarantee that these Medical Policies are current.

BCBSMS Medical Policies are Subject to the Following Restrictions

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