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As Mississippi's health and wellness leader, we are proud to be your partner on your wellness journey. When you partner with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, you have the state's best health and wellness team by your side, ready to help you make the most of our innovative benefits and better manage your healthcare dollar. This section of our website offers health and wellness information from our expert team designed to help you be healthy and stay healthy throughout your life. Whatever your health needs, we can help guide you on the road to good health.

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Cholesterol 101

Cholesterol 101: Here's the Scoop

Cholesterol and heart health go hand in hand. Healthy levels of good cholesterol can promote heart health while high levels of bad cholesterol could cause harm to your heart. The good news is, lifestyle habits play a big role in both cholesterol and heart health. From heart-healthy recipes to exercise recommendations, we're providing you with the resources you need to manage your cholesterol.