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Save Money with Generics

At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, we're committed to helping you be healthy while making the most of your healthcare dollar. One of the most effective ways to manage healthcare costs is by making cost-effective choices when it comes to prescription medications. That's why we encourage you to be RxSmart!

In 2012, a record number of brand name drugs lost patent protection, creating opportunities for a large number of generics to be sold in the marketplace. This can mean big savings, as the cost of generics is usually about 20 percent of brand name drugs. This is significant since prescription drugs are among the highest drivers of healthcare costs. Be sure to discuss generic alternatives to medications you are taking with your Network Provider. Often, lifestyle modifications like diet and exercise can reduce or even eliminate the need for many medications.

Visit our myBlue member portal to find cost-effective alternatives to brand name drugs. Click the "My Rx" tab at the top of myBlue to get started. To further encourage the use of generics in 2012, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi removed the prescription drug deductible for Category 1 medications. You are only responsible for the Category 1 copay amount.

To learn more about prescription drugs, visit the be RxSmart section of our website or log in to myBlue to view your prescription drug claims history and search for alternatives.

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