Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

2015 Healthy Tobacco-free Communities

Mississippi is leading the nation in passing comprehensive smoke-free regulations according to the Americans for Nonsmokers Rights, receiving first place in 2015 in a national Smoke-free Challenge.

Cities around Mississippi continue to implement comprehensive smoke-free ordinances, and research by Smoke free Mississippi shows that 68 percent of Mississippi voters support comprehensive statewide smoke-free legislation. To date, 116 Mississippi communities have passed smoke-free ordinances and 67 of those have also regulated the use of electronic cigarette devices. Each year, Mississippi spends $1.23 billion on healthcare costs associated with tobacco use.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi's Be Tobacco-free program is providing support and resources to businesses and individuals looking to become tobacco-free. Learn more about our efforts to help Mississippians Be Tobacco-free. And the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation is working to build a healthy Mississippi, including supporting smoke-free communities with the Healthy Hometown Awards. Learn more about the Foundation's initiatives at

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