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Importance of the Flu Shot

This fall, getting your flu shot will be more important than ever before, to protect the health of you, your family and our communities. It’s especially important for people at high-risk for serious complications from the flu to receive the vaccine.

Frequently Asked Questions About the 2020-2021 Flu Season
The CDC has answers to some common questions about flu season.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Members can receive the flu vaccine at no out-of-pocket cost from a Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Network Provider or Network Pharmacy

Flu activity increases in October and typically peaks between December and February, although activity can last into May. Receiving the flu shot by the end of October, as well as other recommended vaccinations, will reduce your risks of illness from vaccine-preventable diseases and the chances of a second health crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. We all have to work together and take preventative steps to protect our health and the health of others.

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends an annual flu shot for everyone 6 months and older each season with rare exceptions for those 6 months or younger and individuals with certain allergies. It will take about two weeks after receiving the vaccination for antibodies which protect against the flu to develop in your body.

While you still may contract flu this season after receiving the vaccine, studies have shown the flu vaccination reduces the severity of illness in people who get vaccinated. It will also help prevent or reduce complications, hospitalizations and death. Reasons to get the flu shot include:

  • Protects those around you who are vulnerable or may not be able to get their flu shot

  • Helps keep you from getting sick with the flu

  • Prevents complications for those with metabolic health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure

  • Helps protect women during and after pregnancy

Click here to visit the CDC’s website for FAQ’s about the flu and COVID-19.

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