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Healthy New Year, Healthy New You!
If eating healthy and exercise are top on your "to do" list for the New Year, here are some healthy and seasonal recipes you can try along with a seasonal produce guide for the freshest fruits and vegetables right now!

As we begin a new year, many people are committing to making healthy lifestyle changes. It's out with the old (bad habits) and in with the new (healthy habits) as living healthy becomes a new way of life.

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, losing weight and staying fit and healthy are among the top New Year's resolutions of Americans. Another health habit topping the list is quitting smoking. And if you smoke or use smokeless tobacco products, quitting is the best way you can get started on the path to a healthier you and a healthier future.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi's Be Tobacco-free program can help you achieve your goal of quitting. Members with the Be Tobacco-free benefit can enroll online through our myBlue member portal and take advantage of a variety of support resources including the Blue Quitline telephone counseling, Nicotine Replacement Therapy and/or prescription medications. Program participants are also eligible for up to two visits over a 12-month period for one-to-one counseling and support in developing a quit plan.

In addition to helping our members make the choice to live a tobacco-free life, we're also helping businesses across the state create healthier environments for employees, customers and visitors. As part of our Healthy Workplace initiative, we're using our own success as a tobacco-free workplace to help businesses have healthier and more productive employees. Learn more about steps your business can take to become a tobacco-free workplace.

The New Year is an excellent time to focus on establishing and maintaining healthy habits. If you use tobacco, the choice to quit is yours to make. Once you quit, the health benefits begin immediately and continue over time. Learn more about how to begin your tobacco-free life in the 'Be Healthy' section of our website. Be healthy. Be tobacco-free.

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