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Tread Lightly!

Wendy Mistretta, MC, CWC, Certified Wellcoach

The dog days of summer are here and so are the days of high heat indexes and humidity. When the heat index is 90 degrees or above, you’ll need to use caution when exercising outside. Exercising in high heat and humidity can lead to heat illnesses, so workouts can prove to be challenging in the summer. Or, you can move that walk or run indoors, and beat the heat with a treadmill workout!

A treadmill is a great and versatile indoor option for exercise when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate. And like any other cardiovascular activity, treadmills are a great option! Not only do you get the benefits of working your cardiovascular system, muscles and bones, but you can also adjust your speed and incline and very accurately measure how far you walk or run. A treadmill can also provide a low-impact alternative to a hard road surface.

So, if you’re looking for a way to stay active and cool during the rest of the summer days, here are some of my favorite workouts on the treadmill! Each of these workouts has a speed suggested for a walking workout. Want more of a challenge? Speed it up to slow jog or running pace!

Each workout begins with a 5-minute warm-up. A good warm-up serves to prepare your body for exercise. It gradually increases your heart rate and prepares your muscles and joints for movement. Warm-up by walking at slow pace and performing a few light stretches.

Each workout also ends with a 5-minute cool-down. The cool-down is designed to gradually bring your breathing, body temperature and heart rate back to normal. If you have blood pressure or heart-related health issues, a good cool-down can prevent undue stress on your heart by preventing blood from pooling in your legs. After the exercise portion of the workout, gradually decrease your speed. Add a few stretches and you have a complete workout!

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