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Women Need Rest

Women need rest – deep, meaningful, restorative rest for their bodies and for their minds. Rest helps provide the energy needed to care, work and play. It is the foundation for creativity and rest that replenishes can set the foundation for deeper connections in relationships.

In a culture where being busy can be a badge of honor and provide a sense of achievement, rest can feel counterintuitive and non-essential. The thought of rest can even invoke fear in some. The one’s who find their value and identity in how much they accomplish or achieve, the ones who really need to rest, are also the ones who are the hardest to reach.

However, rest is essential and it is important. Without rest, our senses numb, our muscles and minds weaken, and our body becomes less able to fend off illness. Our ability to connect and be empathetic weakens, and relationships suffer as a result.

Needing rest is not a new concept. Knowing how to rest is. Women need rest that goes hand in hand with their role, circumstances, responsibilities and season of life. There’s no perfect formula or bubble bath prescription. Women need rest that restores body, mind and soul.

Rest is a pause that rejuvenates, refreshes and allows strength to be recovered. If you aren’t sure what this looks like for you, it’s time for a little exploration!

Exploring rest in 3 steps!
  1. Pause

    The first step is to pause. A pause is a temporary stop where you linger for a time. What does this look like for you? Where will you be when you pause? What time of day? For how long will you pause? What needs to happen to eliminate distractions?

  2. Rejuvenate

    Once you determine your pause, it’s now time to explore your mind. You may already know what rejuvenates you – music, meditation, prayer, journaling – or you may be searching. Rejuvenation means to give new energy to or revitalize, and by definition it implies a process is involved. Sometimes that looks like letting things go. Sometimes that looks like taking in new things. Regardless, the process will typically involve a way of letting go of things that hold us down, wear us out, and steal our breath. What does this look like for you? Take a moment to ponder anything you are willing to let go of.

  3. Refresh

    Next, it’s time to determine what refreshes you. Is it spending time outdoors, cooking a fun meal or going for a walk? You may also enjoy reading a book, listening to someone who inspires you or creating something! This may surprise you if you thought resting meant doing nothing. But, hopefully you are learning that rest is about doing the things that give you life!

Rest is not a sign of weakness, it is the very thing that makes us strong. As you are learning to rest, remember to try this simple formula: Pause, Rejuvenate and Refresh.

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