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UV Safety Month: July

Just as the summer heat peaks and the sun’s rays are the strongest, we observe UV Safety Month in July. Despite the sun safety awareness initiatives, there will be a million cases of skin cancer diagnosed this year. One in five Americans will get skin cancer during their lifetime, and it’s the second-most diagnosed form of cancer in people age 15-29. But, when detected early, skin cancer has a 98% survival rate.

Protecting your skin with a strong sunscreen is a critical component of a healthy skin routine. See how to select a high-quality sunscreen:

How to Select a Sunscreen

Here are some additional tips for sun safety and skin health:

  • Have a skin cancer screening each year, and check your own body once a month for changes in the shape, size and color of moles.

  • Don’t forget your ears, hands, feet and neck when applying sunscreen.

  • Use sunscreen when driving on long road trips – windows do not protect you from the sun!

  • Protect your lips since they have less melanin than the rest of your body.

  • Use a golf-ball sized amount of sunscreen to be sure your entire body is protected.

  • Make sure everything you wear offers sun protection, from hats to sunglasses to facial moisturizer.

  • Wear protective clothing in addition to sunscreen.

  • Set your watch to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

  • Regardless of the weather and what season it is, always wear sunscreen.
Source: American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

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