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Reimagine the Holidays

The holidays mean different things to everyone, but we can all agree the holidays are about traditions like decorating, baking special recipes, Christmas music, reflecting on the past year, planning for the new year, holiday giving and most importantly time with family and friends.

Although COVID-19 is a concern that will most likely impact in-person traditions, it also gives us the opportunity to reimagine this holiday season and find joy by focusing on what we can control and our health and well-being.

Video calls have become a part of our everyday life. We can regularly check-in and connect with friends, family and coworkers. It’s also a way to share or swap holiday recipes, share a meal or even play games. Social media platforms, in moderation, can also help you stay connected.

While this holiday season may be more home bound than usual, think of the quality time you can have with your family and the activities you can do together. Get the whole family involved in decorating for the holidays, a movie marathon or movie night, game nights, starting or finishing DIY projects, preparing and eating meals together, baking holiday treats, taking a walk together or perhaps a ride to see local Christmas lights.

Your health has never been more important than right now, so make it a priority and continue to focus on your health goals and the successes you have had this year. Be sure to keep up healthy eating habits and get your 150 minutes of physical activity each week! Find ways to make healthier versions of your holiday treats.

Self-care during the holidays is also important to your overall health. Getting enough sleep, limiting alcohol, finding ways to relax and reset and practicing your hobbies will keep you centered and energized.

No matter how positive your mindset this season, there may be times when you experience the holiday blues and that is normal too. Just remember these are temporary symptoms often caused by stress, anxiety or loneliness. If you find the holiday blues symptoms lingering after the holidays, be sure to contact your Blue Primary Care physician for additional help and resources.


CDC This Holiday Season Handout

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