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Tax Filing & Your Health Coverage

The Affordable Care Act requires individuals to have health insurance coverage, or qualify for an exemption, in order to avoid a tax payment. As part of this requirement, individuals filing 2016 tax returns must indicate in their tax return whether they had qualifying health insurance coverage.

By March 2, 2017, we are required to provide you with a Form 1095-B, which will provide information about your Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi coverage in 2016 that you may use to complete your 2016 tax return. You will be receiving your Form 1095-B in the mail if you have not consented to receive your Form 1095-B electronically, and an electronic version of your Form 1095-B is available now for download in the “My Info” section of our myBlue member portal which is accessible by logging in above. Select the “My Info” section after logging in and look for the “Tax Filing Information: Form 1095-B” section. This document lists all individuals who were enrolled in your Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi coverage in 2016 and shows their months of coverage. You are not required to attach the Form 1095-B to your 2016 tax return, but you may need to provide it to your tax professional.

If you would like to receive this Form 1095-B electronically in the future rather than through the mail, you may provide your consent in the My Info section of the myBlue Member portal under "Tax Filing Information: Form 1095-B.” Simply click "Provide Consent,” check the box to provide consent and click submit.

If you have a Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Medicare Supplement plan, you will need to contact Medicare directly (1-800-Medicare) for details related to your 2016 tax filing.

For more information related to tax filing, visit

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