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Start a Home Vegetable Garden

Are you ready to get growing? Here are some quick tips on getting your home garden started.

Growing food isn't just for farmers. Gardening is becoming more popular as people look for ways to eat healthier food that tastes better and costs significantly less. Starting your own vegetable garden can be easier than you think and can give you the gift of tasty and nutritious food!

You don't need a lot of room to start a garden, but you do need to determine what type of produce will grow in the space you have. Whether your space is slightly shaded or mostly sunny, it's important to grow plants that work with the area you have available. Here is some information that can help you in planning a home vegetable garden. If your space is limited, you can even consider container gardening.

Still not sure? Here are some of the many benefits you can enjoy by starting a home vegetable garden.

Save money
Saving money is often the top reason for starting a home garden. Some estimates show that every $50 spent on seeds and fertilizer will reap $1,250 in produce. Make the most of your investment by growing produce you enjoy eating!

Fewer pesticides and chemicals
Most home gardens don't use as many chemicals as commercial gardens, which grow mass amounts of produce for supermarkets. You also have the option to grow pesticide-free or use more natural alternatives to keeping pests off plants.

Better nutrition
Harvesting your own food means less time between picking and eating food. This allows produce to retain more of its nutritional value and flavor. Homegrown produce has significant advantages over conventional produce in both elements.

Spend time with family
Gardening can be a fun activity for everyone and gives children the opportunity to develop an interest in what they are doing. By growing and picking their own food, they are likely to want to sample it as well!

Reduce stress
Gardening can be relaxing and therapeutic for many people and it's easy to see why. When you're outdoors being physically active, you can take your mind off other things by focusing on the task at hand. It's also incredibly rewarding to watch your garden take shape and begin producing crops!

Take advantage of the spring weather and find out if a home vegetable garden is right for you! Here are some additional tips to keep in mind if you decide to start a home garden, including garden plans and seasonal and regional gardening tips and techniques.

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