Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Manage Your Prescription Costs

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is committed to providing innovative solutions for our customers to better manage costs. We continue to enhance our benefit plans to meet the changing landscape of our market, and this includes managing the cost of prescription medication since those costs continue to increase.

With our best practice formulary management, we continue to impact prescription drug cost trends. Our formulary management, in partnership with our Network Providers and Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, provides our members with access to quality and clinically effective low-cost prescription drugs.

New specialty drugs coming onto the market and price increases for brand-name drugs are the main forces driving prescription drug cost trends. Often less than one percent of all prescriptions are specialty drug medications, yet these drugs now account for more than 25 percent of total prescription drug cost trends because of how expensive these drugs are. Working with our Mississippi Network Providers, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is developing medical policy to support the most cost effective and clinically appropriate specialty drugs.

At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, we make it easier than ever for you to manage your prescription costs. Our prescription drug benefit plans are designed to encourage the use of generic and low-cost medications. And when you fill most generic medications, you only pay the applicable co-pay amount with no prescription drug deductible.

Our myBlue member portal can also help you manage your prescription drug costs with the My Rx feature. With My Rx, you can find generic or low-cost alternatives for medications you are currently taking by viewing your prescription drug claims online.

Talk with your Network Provider about other ways you can manage your prescription drug costs. This can include healthy lifestyle habits that can reduce or eliminate the need for medications to manage a health condition like high blood pressure or high cholesterol. And if you do need a medication to manage a health condition, ask your Network Provider for a generic or low-cost alternative.

Managing your prescription drug costs is important to managing overall healthcare costs. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi will continue to provide our members with the tools and information to make wise benefit choices when it comes to their healthcare.

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