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Healthy Vacation

Vacation season is here and summertime travel is in full swing. Whether your vacation plans are taking you to the beach, an exotic international locale or just to visit friends and family, it’s important to keep up good health habits even when you’re away from home. Here are some tips to stay healthy while you play this summer:

Eat Only When You Are Truly Hungry
Many of us find any reason to celebrate with food, especially on vacation where there are exciting things to do, see – and eat. If you are hungry, you need to eat - but stop when you are comfortable – not too full.

Enjoy the Locale and the Local Food
If there are special treats to be had where you are vacationing, go for it. Remember, moderation is key and just a small bit can satisfy your cravings.

Walk Here, Walk There…
Vacation can even be an opportunity to grab some extra exercise time during sightseeing trips. An afternoon hike, an evening stroll or swimming laps in the hotel pool are great ways to burn some calories.

Think Five (A Day)
Be especially vigilant about getting at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. They are low in calories and high in fiber, and can keep you feeling energized. Indulging in high-fat, high calorie foods can make you feel sluggish, tired and less able to enjoy your vacation.

Drink Water
Water is the ultimate source of hydration, especially during the summer heat. Traveling and spending time outdoors can lead to dehydration, causing you to feel tired and sluggish and even posing serious health risks. Keep a reusable container of ice water with you at all times or pack bottled water to take with you.

Eat Less
Restaurants tend to cater to a “more is better” mindset, and many are serving bigger portions than ever. To avoid the temptation of eating too much, order an appetizer as your main course or choose something from the kids’ menu. Other options are splitting your entrée or immediately boxing half when your meal arrives and saving it for later. Most restaurants are accustomed to handling special requests like these.

Make Healthy Choices
Relax and enjoy yourself on vacation, but always keep your health in mind. What you eat and drink today can affect your health even longer, especially if you abandon your healthy habits all together.

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