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Happy Healthy Holiday

Happy, Healthy Holiday Giving

Tis’ the season to be happy, healthy and giving. Take time this holiday season to give to others and spread holiday cheer. Giving and being kind to others is shown to increase happiness and life satisfaction in your life. You can easily make a difference in someone’s life by performing even the smallest act of kindness. Find ways as a family to give back this Holiday Season and start new traditions that you can carry on for years to come.

As a family, think of things that make you happy and then think of ways you can share that happiness with others. Start by greeting everyone you see with a hello or a Happy Holidays and find easy ways to be kind. Try some of these healthy and meaningful ways you can give to others and show kindness during the Holiday season.

Give Back
  • Adopt an Angel Tree child and pick out gifts as a family

  • Deliver baked goods to the Fire station or Police station

  • Sing Christmas carols at a nursing home

  • Clean out your coat closet and donate items to a local shelter

  • Donate canned and non-perishable foods to local food banks

  • Give homemade holiday cards to your trash collector, mail carrier and delivery drivers

Small Acts of Kindness
  • Return shopping carts to the stall or the store

  • Pay for the person behind you in line

  • Hold open the door for people around you

  • Offer to help carry heavy groceries to someone’s car

  • Greet everyone you see with a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”

  • Host a gift-wrapping party with friends

  • Host and invite your neighbors to a holiday party

  • Decorate your house with lights, a tree and lots of red and green

Create New Family Traditions
  • Setup a hot chocolate stand in your neighborhood

  • Have a family gingerbread house decorating competition

  • Wear matching pajamas and watch a Holiday movie together

  • Participate in a Holiday 5K as a family. Visit Let's Go Walkin' Mississippi for upcoming holiday races in your area.

  • Choose a day to serve each other inside your own home. Take out the trash for your husband, encourage your children to pick up their sibling’s toys, and show appreciation for one another.

Be healthy! Happy holidays!

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