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Have a Healthy Holiday Season

Try this sample holiday menu featuring lean protein, whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables!

Also, here's a 1-day meal plan to help you stay focused

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday celebrations are in full swing, filled with family, friends and plenty of food. Overindulgence is often associated with holiday celebrations, but you can still enjoy the food and festivities while staying focused on your health. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy this holiday season.

  • Spend time with family being active! Start a new tradition with family that involves being active. It may be a game of touch football or a group walk after that holiday meal. This is a great way to balance those extra calories consumed around the holidays!

  • Focus on family and fun, not food. Don't make food the highlight of your holidays. Use the holidays as a time to visit with family and take it a little easier. Enjoy the food, but try not to let it be the focus.

  • Don't overdo the beverages. Holiday drinks like eggnog, red wine, and hot chocolate can be a significant source of calories. Whatever your beverage choice may be, remember to keep it in moderation and limit extra calories from beverages. Make it a goal to only drink water with meals.

  • Avoid "saving" your calories for later by skipping meals. It is common to skip meals around the holidays to "save" calories for the large holiday meal later. Avoid skipping meals because it will be more difficult to avoid overeating later. If you are worried about overeating, try eating a small healthy snack before you sit down at the table.

  • Prepare a healthy side dish. Be sure to include a healthy side dish or dessert as part of the holiday table. We've included a sample menu perfect for the holidays, which is also low in fat and calories.

  • Eat your veggies! Put at least one colorful vegetable on your plate during the holiday meal. Vegetables are tasty, nutritious and generally lower in calories than other heavy dishes.

  • Be sensible about your selections. High calorie foods are common around the holidays, so choose smaller portion sizes. Enjoy the food, but be selective about which foods you choose to eat. Use this guide to see what your portions should look like.

  • If you overindulge, get back on track. Don't give up on reaching your health goals if you eat more than you planned for! Start the next day fresh and get back on track.

At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, we wish you and yours a healthy and happy holiday season. Best wishes for a healthy new year!

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