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Go Green!

It's quite easy being green! Adding a little green to your diet, that is! Try these healthy "green" recipes!

If green isn't your color to wear, no problem! Instead, try sporting a fashionable green smoothie. Not only will you impress your friends and look like a celebrity, but you will actually be doing something good for your body.

Remember your parents telling you to finish those peas on your plate as a kid? They knew what they were talking about! Dark green foods (not green skittles or jelly beans) like spinach, collards, avocado, broccoli, green beans, and turnips, Brussels sprouts, green apples, kiwi and asparagus truly are super foods (Really, Really good foods). Less than 10 percent of us eat enough though.

Warning: Adding bacon grease to your greens knocks them out of their super food status. Others include fried green tomatoes, fried okra, and any other fried or cheese smothered greens. Let's keep it fresh.

And don't forget green tea! We're not talking about bottled green tea, but the the kind you make the old fashioned way with an actual bag of tea you steep in hot water. It's loaded with antioxidants that can boost your mental focus, fight cancer, prevent heart disease and burn a few extra calories!

Just remember this - eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated! The easiest way to make sure you are eating healthy is to eat your greens and keep your plate colorful. So, take on a new challenge and try a new green food!

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