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2021 Focus on Health

Focus on Health

If you are ready to focus on your health, we can help! Here at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, we work each day to help our Members make progress along their Blue Wellness Journey and become the healthiest versions of themselves.

We learned a lot during 2020, and while there were some unexpected lows brought on by the pandemic, there were also many highs. More quality time was spent at home with our families, people started new hobbies, while others focused on exercising more, growing gardens, preparing healthy meals and more. That’s a lot to be proud of!

Now is the time to capitalize on the healthy habits we started in 2020 and keep up our momentum in the new year. Our data indicates those with metabolic conditions such as hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes don’t respond as well to illness as healthier individuals. The good news is these conditions are preventable through healthy lifestyle habits that can reduce health risk for these conditions.

Start the new year off right by taking the most important step on your Blue Wellness Journey, which is scheduling your Healthy You! wellness visit. Think of your Healthy You! as your health baseline. This wellness visit gives you the opportunity to discuss your health history, review health numbers and make a wellness plan to help improve risks for certain diseases.

Everyone’s Blue Wellness Journey will be different, but each journey is supported with personalized care by your Blue Primary Care Network Provider at your Blue Primary Care Home. The key to success on your Blue Wellness Journey is taking health ownership now to influence future health outcomes and help manage your healthcare cost.

Health ownership is centered on daily choices that support a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep. Choose to eat healthy by having three well-balanced meals and 2-3 snacks each day. Meal planning may help you stay on track. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. If you don’t know where to start with exercising, walking is a great choice! Make sure you are getting quality sleep. Adequate sleep supports our physical and mental health.

As your partner on you Blue Wellness Journey we are here to help! Our Blue Wellness Coaches are available to chat with Members that have questions about metabolic conditions and healthy lifestyle habits. Just call our Customer Support Team at 1-800-932-3704 and ask to speak with a Blue Wellness Coach.

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