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De-Stress Today!

Stress is a part of our daily lives. Whether from work, family or things beyond our control, stress can take its toll on our physical and mental well-being. While each of us deals with our own levels of stress and copes differently, it's important to have the tools to manage your stress and live a healthy life.

  1. Be active.
    Regular physical activity can relieve stress, and physically active adults have lower risk of depression and loss of cognitive function. Exercise releases endorphins, which are also known as "feel good" hormones. Try activities like walking, swimming, biking or something else you enjoy.

  2. Get Organized.
    Use "to do" lists to help you focus on your most important tasks. Approach big tasks one step at a time. For example, start by organizing just one part of your life - your car, desk, kitchen, closet, cupboard or drawer.

  3. Laugh.
    Laughter is sometimes the best medicine to brighten your mood. Watch a funny movie, laugh out loud at a joke or spend time with people you care about.

  4. Break bad habits.
    Excess alcohol, tobacco use and other substances can aggravate stress even more. If you use tobacco, make a plan to quit and if you drink alcohol, only do so in moderation.

  5. Slow down.
    Pace your daily activities instead of rushing throughout the day. Plan ahead and allow enough time to get the most important things done without having to rush.

  6. Get plenty of sleep.
    Six to eight hours of sleep each night can reduce stress and depression. Physical activity also may improve the quality of sleep.

  7. Talk with family, friends or a mental health professional.
    It can be helpful to share your thoughts and feelings with others who can provide emotional support. Mental health professionals, including Licensed Professional Counselors and family therapists can also offer ways to cope with emotional issues.

  8. Worry Less.
    It's not the end of the world if your house isn't cleaned. You may need to do these things, but right now might not be the right time.

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