Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Electronic Communication Notice

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi’s (BCBSMS) Health & Wellness Benefit Plans and Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company’s (BBL) Life Insurance Policies are virtual/all electronic products. Enrollment constitutes agreement to receive all insurance transaction information on myBlue and understanding of the following:

  1. The hardware and software requirements for access to and retention of a notice or document by electronic means are:

    1. Registration on myBlue

    2. An email account and active internet access with the ability to save information.

    3. A working smart phone number for the purpose of text messaging of notices to include office visit schedules, notice to check myBlue for important notices and other non-insurance transaction information.

  2. The type of insurance transaction notices and documents that will be provided electronically include the following (as applicable): (i) Application; (ii) Health & Wellness Benefit Plan/Life Insurance Policy; (iii) ID Card; (iv) Claim information; (v) Explanation of Benefits Form; (vi) Renewal Notice; (vii) Amendment/Endorsement/Rider; and (viii) other general information. BCBSMS and BBL Members have the right to receive a paper copy, if requested.

  3. BCBSMS and BBL Members have the right to withdraw consent to have a notice or document delivered by electronic means, at any time, and are informed at enrollment of the conditions or consequences imposed in the event consent is withdrawn. BCBSMS and BBL Members may contact Customer Support at 800-942-0278 to withdraw consent. Because BCBSMS and BBL products are virtual/all electronic, any subsequent decision not to receive information electronically may constitute a request to cancel the coverage.

  4. The procedure to withdraw electronic consent is to call Customer Support at 800-942-0278. The procedure to opt-out of text messaging only is found here.

  5. BCBSMS and BBL Members can update their email address or smart phone number at any time through myBlue.

Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company, Inc. is an independent life insurance company that does not provide Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi products or services. Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company, Inc. is solely responsible for the life insurance coverage above.

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