Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Building Healthy Communities

In 2014, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississipi began a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area to transform the community - starting with a home, a street, a neighborhood, and ultimately the city. Since then, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi's Team Blue employee volunteers have built five homes, with work set to begin on a sixth this fall. And four of those homes, including the upcoming sixth, are designated as tobacco-free homes with the commitment of the homeowners.

“As a health and wellness company, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi understands the correlation between the quality of housing, the health of our citizens and the vitality of our community,” said Merrill McKewen, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area. “We are grateful for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi’s continued partnership and support as we invest together in solutions that contribute to healthier families and vibrant neighborhoods.”

Team Blue employee volunteers provide 100 percent of the labor during the builds, which take place on weekends in the spring and fall. Team Blue works alongside the future homeowner during the build process.

“We partner with organizations who also seek a healthy future for our state, and Habitat for Humanity supports people in transforming their lives and their neighborhoods in positive ways,” said Sheila Grogan, Vice President, Community and Public Relations with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. “Our desire is to see individuals establish and maintain healthy homes and communities for their families.”

Homes Built Since 2014

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