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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Announces Telehealth Partnership with St. Dominic Hospital

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi and St. Dominic Hospital announce their partnership to deliver telehealth services. The telehealth collaboration supports local access to high quality specialty care for Blue Cross and Blue Shield members in their own communities. St. Dominic’s telehealth services are currently focused on neurology and cardiology specialty care as well as emergency stroke care.

“This partnership is another example of our efforts to remove barriers to care for Mississippi patients by facilitating continuity of care from Blue Primary Care Network Providers to coordinated specialty care without having to travel long distances,” said Dr. Tom Fenter, chief medical officer at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. “St. Dominic’s approach is unique in that they provide telehealth services in addition to, and not in place of, in-person patient visits.”

 As a continuation of services post-discharge from the hospital, St. Dominic’s Clinical Outreach Program provides telehealth access for patients in the rural clinic setting with St. Dominic’s specialty care physicians, including neurologists and cardiologists, for necessary follow-up care. St. Dominic’s Clinical Outreach Program also provides access to neurology and cardiology specialty care when referred by a Primary Care Provider. Access to this specialty care can often prevent future hospital stays, and this program seeks to ensure care coordination between Primary Care and Specialty Care Network Providers.

 “These services are ideal complements to care delivered by our Blue Primary Care Network Providers serving rural areas as they allow patients to have high quality, coordinated specialty care that is aligned with their overall health goals with minimal disruption to daily life. These services are making it easier for patients to stay engaged in their care and to have better health outcomes as a result,” adds Fenter.

Additionally, St. Dominic’s Tele-Stroke Program provides timely stroke care to persons in rural areas through telehealth consulting access to specialists while patients are in the hospital setting. Through this innovative telehealth service, neurologists are able to quickly and efficiently provide a diagnosis and effective treatment options for patients in their local hospital.  

As a physician, it is important to me that all Mississippians are afforded access to healthcare, particularly emergency and specialty services,” said Ruth Fredericks, MD, medical director of St. Dominic’s Comprehensive Stroke Center. “I am pleased to be a part of St. Dominic’s telehealth network and have personally witnessed its benefit to many patients throughout our state."

This collaborative relationship includes a shared focus on quality care and positive health outcomes while supporting patients in adhering to care plans and follow-up protocols. Learn more by visiting St. Dominic’s website.

Published March 13, 2018

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