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Our health and wellness coverage is designed to help your employees be healthy and take ownership and accountability in using their benefits by making wise and cost-effective choices. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi benefit plans give you and your covered employees access to the benefits, tools and information they need to be healthy and stay healthy.

Benefit Choice allows your small business to offer your employees a choice of several benefit plans while managing your investment. With Benefit Choice, you pay a defined amount of your employees' monthly premiums, and your employees select the benefit design that best fits their coverage needs from up to three plan options that you choose. Health savings account plans are also available with Benefit Choice.


Flexible options for:

  • Deductibles
  • Co-pays
  • Rx Drug Co-pays
  • Coinsurance
  • Industry best-practice Rx Drug Formulary (Search Here)
  • Access to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Network Providers across the country

Plan Options

*DISCLAIMER: The Health and Wellness Benefit Plan and Summary of Benefits and Coverage are examples of the most popular benefit option and are not guarantees of coverage for a particular benefit. Following enrollment, covered members will be able to review their chosen benefit plan options on the myBlue Member portal.

Health Savings Account

Blue Health Savings members are eligible to open a Health Savings Account (HSA). With an HSA, employees can contribute tax-deductible dollars toward future medical expenses including deductibles, co-payments, coinsurance and other qualified healthcare expenses.

Advantages include:

• Contributions are tax-deductible or pre-tax when made through payroll deductions. Money withdrawn from HSAs to pay for qualified medical expenses is not subject to income tax – so individuals get income tax savings, and an employer group can benefit from a reduction in payroll tax. Additionally, interest and investment earnings on HSA funds are tax-free.

• Individuals can use HSA debit cards to pay for eligible medical expenses.

• Participating members can choose to invest in a wide array of mutual funds to meet their saving goals. Plus, they can use their HSAs to complement their 401(k) or IRA retirement savings.

Blue Primary Care Home

Blue Primary Care Home is our primary care network that is creating a wellness "home" for patients where they visit for:

  • preventive wellness care
  • management of chronic health conditions
  • coordination of care

We are seeing both healthcare costs and health risks decrease among patients of these clinics. This care evolution includes Women's Wellness Homes, the Ob-Gyn Blue Primary Care Home model that provides a holistic wellness home for women at every phase of life, and the Pediatric Blue Primary Care Home model for children 0 through 17 years of age.

Blue Primary Care Homes provide Healthy You! wellness services, Color Me Healthy! health management care at no out-of-pocket costs to covered members 18 years and older, and the Good Health Club program for children 0 through 17 years of age.

Healthy You! is our signature wellness benefit that includes best-practice covered screenings and immunizations that are age and gender-specific.

Color Me Healthy! health management benefits provide extra benefits and provider visits at no out-of-pocket cost! These benefits are in addition to the annual wellness visit and are designed to help manage health risks for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

The Good Health Club program focuses on the child's overall healthcare and wellness experience in the Pediatric Blue Primary Care Home, to include preventive healthcare, wellness education and health management.

Optional Dental and Life Benefits


Give your employees the basic preventive or additional benefits to ensure good dental health.

Life Insurance Coverage

Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company independently offers your employees convenient access to the security of life insurance. Coverage is offered on an individual basis starting at $20,000 with coverage available for dependents up to $5,000. Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company does not provide Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi products or services and is solely responsible for any life insurance coverage selected.

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