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NewSouth NeuroSpine, LLC - Healthy Workplace

Company Profile

NewSouth NeuroSpine is a medical practice consisting of 12 physicians specializing in neurosurgery, orthopedic spine surgery, pain management, and physical medicine and rehabilitation, along with more than 50 skilled nurses and healthcare professionals.

Business Challenge

In February 2012, NewSouth NeuroSpine partnered with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi to create a healthier work environment for its employees. As a leader in the healthcare community for the Jackson Metropolitan area, the group is acutely aware of the rising cost of healthcare. To reinforce its commitment to the health and well-being of employees, the group formed a wellness committee to serve as the voice for employees. The wellness committee helped to address employees' concerns, including participation time, clarifying how the data collected would be used and providing resources to help them adopt healthier habits.

NewSouth NeuroSpine - Healthy Workplace NewSouth NeuroSpine - Healthy Workplace NewSouth NeuroSpine - Healthy Workplace

The Solution
Biometric Chart

Because NewSouth NeuroSpine has an onsite physical therapy clinic, exercise equipment is available to employees to use during their breaks and outside of the times when patients are being treated. Healthy options were added to its vending machines. An outdoor walking trail has been mapped out, and employees have the option to use the trail or indoor fitness equipment. Employees are given the opportunity to participate in wellness meetings on company time, and healthy meals are offered as an incentive for attending the meetings. Various other incentives, including gift cards and other monetary rewards, have been utilized to encourage participation. By providing a healthier work environment and the resources to improve health, any initial challenges have been easily overcome due to the employer's vested interest.

In 2012, NewSouth NeuroSpine employees were extremely engaged in Healthy Workplace activities. Overall, NewSouth NeuroSpine has 72 employees enrolled with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. Of those, 70 employees completed the Personal Wellness Profile and 65 participated in health screenings.

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