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Company Profile

Columbus Orthopaedic Clinic is a specialty clinic providing care to residents in the Golden Triangle region of the state since the 1970’s. The clinic and outpatient surgery center are comprised of nine practitioners who are each specialized in a different area of orthopaedics, including orthopaedic surgery, orthopaedic spine surgery, sports medicine and physical therapy.

Business Challenge

The greatest challenge facing Columbus Orthopaedic was creating a Healthy Workplace culture. Their employees stay extremely busy during the day and it was difficult for them to find the time to eat a healthy meal or snack, and especially hard to fit in exercise. Columbus Orthopaedic wanted to a find a way to make their work environment a place where exercise, nutrition and overall health were a priority.

Columbus Orthopaedic - Healthy Workplace Columbus Orthopaedic - Healthy Workplace Columbus Orthopaedic - Healthy Workplace
The Solution

Columbus Orthopaedic partnered with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi in 2013 to become a Healthy Workplace. They began by offering an online health risk assessment (HRA) and onsite health screenings by their own nurse practitioner. Using the data collected from the HRA and the biometrics from screenings, Columbus Orthopaedic and BCBSMS established a plan for addressing the greatest health needs and interests of employees. Group leaders immediately began an incentive program, offering employees a monetary incentive for completing participation requirements. They also offer employees money toward new athletic shoes when they completed their Healthy You! wellness exam. They even provide employees $25 toward participation in a local race. Also, with the help of BCBSMS dietitians, they offer nutrition education and challenges for employees. Healthy food options are suggested to outside representatives who often bring food to employees, and they have also added healthier options to their vending machines and employees have access to healthy snacks in the break room that are provided at no cost. The clinic encourages employees to participate in exercise challenges throughout the year, offering programs and challenges that encourage participation at work. They have an exercise bike located in the stairwell employees can use throughout the day, as well as fitness equipment in their physical therapy department.

The Results

These incentives, challenges and overall changes have really inspired employees to participate in health and wellness activities. Employees are also aware that their employer makes their health a priority. They have seen improvements in the health of their employees and biometrics, and there has been a decrease in the employees’ share of their insurance premiums. There have also been numerous success stories from Columbus Orthopaedic employees who have decreased their blood pressure, lost a significant amount of weight or lowered their cholesterol. The clinic has also seen a significant decrease in absenteeism and increase in Healthy You! utilization. The overall results of Healthy Workplace and the health and wellness initiatives implemented by Columbus Orthopaedic have made a lasting impact on employees.

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