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Your Virtual ID Card

Some items go everywhere with us. Our phones, keys, driver’s licenses and credit cards are kept at our fingertips at all times. It’s easy to see why. Those items are unique to each of us, and provide access to the things we need. When it comes to healthcare, that item is your Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi (BCBSMS) Virtual ID card.

BCBSMS Virtual ID Card

Your Virtual ID card contains key information about your Health & Wellness Benefit Plan and is required when you need care or a prescription at the pharmacy. Your Virtual ID card is always available on your mobile device or computer, and it works the same as a physical card. Use it when you schedule an appointment or visit a Network Provider. When you access your Virtual ID card, you can be confident you’re seeing your current Benefit Plan details.

Never search for your Member ID card again.

Ever have those “I left my card at home” moments? We make it easier for you by providing a Virtual ID card that can be saved to your phone straight from the myBlue mobile app.

How to use your Virtual ID Card
  • Share it right from your phone with covered family members, doctors and healthcare professionals.

  • Email it from your mobile device or computer.

To add your Virtual ID card to Apple Wallet
  1. Open the myBlue App on your device and then log in (credentials are the same as your myBlue Member portal)

  2. Select “View ID Card”

  3. Tap “Add to Apple Wallet”

You can share your Virtual ID with covered family members or your physician
  1. Open your Member ID card in your Apple Wallet

  2. Click on the circle with three dots in the upper right-hand corner

  3. Choose “share,” and select the recipient and the way they’ll receive it (text, email, air drop, etc.)

To help protect your privacy and health information, make sure to only share your Member ID with family members you trust or your healthcare providers.

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