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Expanding Access to Care

Updated March 2, 2021

At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, during these unprecedented times related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of you, your family and our shared communities.

Health officials recommend social distancing, avoiding emergency rooms unless you are experiencing certain emergency warning signs and to call your Blue Primary Care Network Provider if you are sick. In response, we have taken steps to expand Member access to care.

  • With the need to ensure you are covered for testing for COVID-19 symptoms, we are covering medically appropriate diagnostic tests consistent with CDC guidance related to COVID-19 at no cost share (deductible, co-pay, coinsurance) to you.

    If you have symptoms, you should call your Blue Primary Care Network Provider to determine if you need to be tested. View a list of Blue Primary Care Network Providers.

  • In partnership with your Blue Primary Care Network Provider, we are covering certain medically appropriate treatments related to COVID-19 according to your medical necessity and your Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Health and Wellness Benefit Plan.

  • To help decrease the number of trips to the pharmacy, we have expanded access to certain medically appropriate prescription drugs by expanding the maintenance drug formulary list. Expansion of the maintenance drug formulary allows for included medication to be filled as a 3-month supply. Talk to your pharmacist or call our Customer Support Team (601-664-4590) to see if your medication is eligible for maintenance refills.

  • Coverage has been expanded for certain telemedicine services to allow you to visit your Blue Primary Care Network Provider without having to leave your home. We have also added telemedicine visits to our Be Tobacco-free benefit. Member cost sharing (deductible, co-pay, coinsurance) and benefit levels will apply according to your Benefit Plan.

  • To help prevent COVID-19, we are also covering items and administration of approved vaccinations, once you are eligible to to receive it. This applies to providers enrolled with the Mississippi State Department of Health and the Federal Government as COVID-19 Vaccine Providers. Vaccine Vials are provided at no cost by the Federal Government.

Now more than ever, we must focus on health!

During these difficult times, please know we are here to support you along your Blue Wellness Journey. That's why we want to ensure you not only have access to the care you need, but the information you need as well. To support you in maintaining good health during the pandemic and beyond, visit the Be Healthy section.

You play an important role in practicing smart, healthy habits to reduce risk of exposure and the spreading of COVID-19. Visit our COVID-19 Resource Center

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