Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Telephone Phishing Scams

Earlier this year, we became aware of individuals posing as Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi representatives contacting people by phone asking for personal information such as social security number, the name of their physician and other health information. Calls appeared to be from a local caller who asked general health-related questions to engage those who answer. The callers were part of a phishing scam.

Recently, we received new information related to another phishing scam. The callers identified themselves as “Blue Cross Blue Shield.” The callers had some dated personal information of the person they were calling and tried to collect updated information. Other callers have attempted to sell prescription medications or medical supplies including prescription pain cream and back braces.

In addition to telephone phishing scams, online phishing scams are still a growing concern. These scams often use “click bait” which can gather your personal information simply by clicking a link and providing simple information, like your name. Other scams can include obtaining personal information, obtained in a data breach, from the dark web.  

How to Protect Yourself

Be wary of anyone calling or emailing to obtain personal information. If anyone contacts you by phone or email for personal information, do not provide any details to the caller. Instead, end the call and note any details about the caller such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Voice qualities
  • Number they called from 
  • Time of day the call was received 

Please note – Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi will never contact a member and identify ourselves as “Blue Cross Blue Shield.”

You may report any such calls to us by contacting our Customer Support Center at 601-664-4590 or 800-942-0278, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Updated: December 2018

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