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Notice of Privacy Practices

Privacy Policy

At Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, we work hard to protect our members' privacy and comply with all state and federal privacy laws.

To help you understand our commitment, we make our Notices of Privacy Practices available on our website. Because of various laws, there are different privacy practices for different types of coverage and applications.

  • Group Coverage: Applies to members of groups with insurance that is underwritten by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi.
  • Individual Coverage: Applies to members with Blue Care, SmartCare, Medicare Supplement Policies and similar individual coverage that does not come from a group health plan.
  • Mobile App: Applies to all Members using our myBlue Mobile App for iOS and Android.

Members of Self-Funded Groups, including the Mississippi State and School Employees' Health Insurance Plan, would need to check with their group administrator to obtain a copy of their Notice of Privacy Practices.

You need Adobe Reader, which is already on most computers, to view or print the Notices of Privacy Practices, which are PDF documents. If you need it, you can download Adobe Reader here.