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Team Blue & Our Community

As part of our efforts to help build a healthy Mississippi, our employees are also taking on the challenge of helping to enrich our communities. Through our Team Blue program, our employees are actively engaged in giving back to the community through thousands of hours of community service each year.

Known for its extensive support of local community organizations, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi recently completed its second home in less than two years through the Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area (HFHMCA) Covenant Build Project. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi's Team Blue employees provided 100% of the volunteer labor, and HFHMCA led volunteers through each of the 8-10 week build processes with support from experienced construction professionals. Both families worked alongside volunteers throughout the building process.

We encourage volunteerism as part of a healthy lifestyle, and we support organizations that are also committed to promoting health and wellness in our community. Some of the organizations benefiting from our employees' efforts include Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, Stewpot Community Services, Gateway Rescue Mission, the American Heart Association, the Mustard Seed and other community events and activities geared toward improving the health and quality of life of Mississippians.

Our efforts to shape a healthy future for our state are also carried out through the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation, a subsidiary of Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. The Foundation provides funding to organizations promoting health and wellness initiatives in schools, colleges and universities, communities and more. You can learn more about the Foundation's work at