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Now More than Ever, it's Good to be Blue.
Now More than Ever, it's Good to Be Blue.

Let Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi be your trusted partner who can provide you with the health and wellness products and services you need.

The landscape of healthcare is evolving. However, we remain committed to guiding Mississippians in making the very best choice when it comes to their healthcare benefits. Our Blue Care and Network Blue products provide comprehensive health and wellness coverage with a statewide network of providers and affordable premiums in all Mississippi counties.

Our goal is far greater than providing health and wellness benefits. Our employee Health and Wellness Team is dedicated to working with our Network Providers to manage healthcare costs by supporting our customers in managing and improving their health. Each day we work to ensure our customers receive the greatest value for their premium dollar.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), coverage is only available during defined Open Enrollment periods. Based on our goal of providing access to affordable healthcare options for Mississippians, we are continuing the Open Enrollment period for our ACA Blue Care and ACA Blue Care for Kids new sales until further notice.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is a company committed to its customers' health. Being healthy is a life-long journey, and Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is here to be your partner on that journey. Start your journey now. Visit to apply.

Now more than ever, it's good to partner with Blue.