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An Open Letter from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi

Dear Blue Cross and Blue Shield Members,

Please know that regardless of the political pressures or legal outcome, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi will continue to fight for quality and affordable healthcare for our members — and all Mississippians.

In recent weeks, an out-of-state hospital corporation has waged a political and public attack against Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi in an attempt to misinform and create unnecessary fear and anxiety to support its own motives.

During this attack, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi has remained resolved to focus on our members' health and the cost of your healthcare. That is our responsibility to you — to provide the strength and security you need.

At a time when many Mississippians are without healthcare coverage, we must remain focused on ensuring affordable healthcare. The healthcare industry is under tremendous change that will affect physicians, hospitals, insurers, employers and all Mississippians. This change comes with new challenges and new accountabilities for us all.

Throughout our history, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi has been a leader in healthcare for Mississippians since our beginning in 1947. We have been a generous corporate citizen that has not only invested in the health of Mississippians but in the health of Mississippi's communities and quality of life.

In this time of uncertainty and change, you can be assured that we will continue to provide the leadership you need and expect from us. Thank you for your continued support as we work on your behalf.

Best Wishes for Good Health,
Carol Pigott
President and CEO
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi