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Blue Care Group is designed to help your employees be healthy!

We know that the health of your business is directly impacted by the health of your employees. When your employees are healthy, they have lower healthcare costs and that makes sense for everyone.

Blue Care Group benefit plans give you and your covered employees access to the tools and information they need to be healthy and stay healthy.

Healthy You!

Many of the illnesses that impact healthcare costs can be prevented.

Our Healthy You! benefit helps your employees take ownership of their health and understand their health risks. Healthy You! provides an annual visit with a Mississippi Network Provider at no out-of-pocket cost. The covered screenings and immunizations are age and gender specific and help your employees "know their numbers" for blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight. Once employees know their health risks, they can work with their Network Provider to manage their risks through lifestyle changes and medication therapy with an emphasis on generic medications when appropriate.

When health risks are identified early, illnesses can be managed and often prevented. This means lower healthcare costs for you and your employees.

Note: Those employers who live outside of Mississippi will choose a Healthy You! Network Provider in their state of residence.

Blue Care Group Benefits

With Blue Care Group, your employees will have access to the most important health partner they can have -- a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Network Provider.

Blue Care Group's co-pay benefit design encourages your employees to establish a relationship with their Network Provider who will ensure the medical necessity of the inpatient setting and outpatient services. Your employees will not have to worry about pre-certifying medical services and Network Providers accept the Blue Cross and Blue Shield allowable in full. This means savings for you and your employees.

Blue Care Group gives your employees access to the most comprehensive network of healthcare providers in Mississippi and encourages the use of Mississippi Network Providers. Through our BlueCard program, your employees have access to Network Providers wherever they live. Network Providers can also help your employees be healthy! Prior Authorization must be obtained by a Network Provider for non-emergent elective services provided outside the State of Mississippi unless the member resides out-of-state.

Blue Care Group helps your employees be healthy while providing them with healthcare coverage when they are sick or injured. Blue Care Group gives you calendar-year deductible, office visit co-pay, prescription drug co-pay and co-insurance percentage options. This will allow you to customize a benefit level that fits your company's health coverage needs.

Blue Health Management

Blue Health Management

To help you and your employees be as healthy as possible, our Health and Wellness Team will work with the treating Network Provider to ensure the necessary care is provided in the most cost-effective setting, to include our Centers of Excellence. Based on a person's health status, he or she may also qualify for our Blue Health Management Program. Prior Authorization must be obtained by a Network Provider for non-emergent elective services provided outside the State of Mississippi unless the member resides out-of-state.

Our group benefit plans are also designed to support you and your employees in establishing or making healthy lifestyle changes, such as tobacco cessation or beginning an exercise program. For information about tobacco cessation or to find a participating center in our Wellness Center Discount Program, visit our "be healthy" section.

Optional Dental and Life Benefits

Dental Benefits

Dental health is important, too. The optional Dental Benefit for employers gives your employees the basic preventive or additional benefits they need to ensure good dental health.

Life Insurance Coverage

Through our subsidiary, Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company, your employees have an easy and convenient way to provide their families the security of life insurance. Coverage is offered on an individual basis with amounts starting at $15,000 with coverage available for dependents up to $5,000.

Customer Service Excellence

With our electronic billing, payment and enrollment maintenance system at your fingertips through our secure web portal, myBlue Group, our e-business model is redefining customer service. You can view your bill, make changes to your enrollment and pay your bill - all electronically - and it doesn't get any easier than that!

From our claims service to our call center, service excellence is at the heart of everything we do. Network Providers will submit your employees' claims to us electronically and we will process the majority of their claims within two days. Your employees will be able to access their benefits, see their Virtual ID card and review Explanation of Benefits online through our myBlue website or myBlue Mobile App. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi will provide your employees with a Virtual ID card to ensure they can access benefits on-the-go and never worry about leaving their card at home. Get your employees started on their customized Journey to Wellness by completing the Blue Wellness profile, which gives us a snapshot of your lifestyle and wellness status. Our Customer Service Team will be there to provide you and your employees the information and thoughtful answers you need every step of the way.

With Blue Care Group, your important time can be spent focusing on your business - because we will be focusing on the health of your employees!