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Our commitment to a healthier Mississippi begins with our commitment to you. Everything we do is designed to help you be healthy and stay healthy, all while managing healthcare costs. Partner with us and you'll understand why now, more than ever, it's good to be Blue.

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So, what can Blue do for you?

When you have a health and wellness partnership with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi, you get more than an insurance company. You get a team of people committed to helping you be as healthy as you can be, all while offering innovative health and wellness benefits unmatched anywhere else. These benefits include:

Healthy You! Wellness Benefit

Healthy You! Wellness Benefit

A healthy life starts with a Healthy You!

Our Healthy You! wellness benefit provides an annual wellness visit with a Mississippi-based Network Provider at no out-of-pocket cost to you. This benefit includes comprehensive screenings specifically designed for your age and gender. Click here to view a copy of our Healthy You! Wellness Guide.

This innovative wellness benefit features:

  • The opportunity to develop a "be healthy!" partnership with your Primary Care Network Provider and establish a plan to maintain or improve your health
  • Age and gender specific health screenings, including cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and weight, that allows you to "know your numbers"
  • Immunizations based on your age, stage of life and health status
  • The peace of mind in knowing you are taking ownership of your health

Our Healthy You! Network Providers can help you get the most out of this valuable wellness benefit. You can see the many healthcare providers in our Healthy You! Network Provider search.

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Blue Care offers multiple medical deductible and co-pay options to fit your needs. Please use the "Get Coverage Options" feature to view specific benefit and coverage options. The highest level of benefits will be received when services are provided by a Network Provider. Elective (non-emergency) services provided by a Network Provider outside of Mississippi must be pre-certified to be covered.

All services are subject to the Network Provider and Non-Network Provider Benefits.

Network Providers & Facilities

Our Network Provider partnerships are based on a shared-focus of providing the highest quality of care while managing healthcare costs. Our members receive the highest level of benefits at a Network Provider to include Network Physicians, Network Hospitals, Network Pharmacies and Network Allied Providers. Certain services are not covered when provided by a Non-Network Provider. For a complete listing of Network Providers, use the "Find a Network Provider" search tool.

Centers of Excellence

Certain Specialty Services must be provided by a Center of Excellence Provider to receive benefits. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi has designated certain Network Hospitals as Centers of Excellence for services such as Hip and Knee Replacement, Spine Surgery and Cardiac Care.

Emergency Services

In a medical emergency, it is important to seek emergency care whether you are in Mississippi or traveling outside the state. Our members have access to emergency services when and where they need them and benefits are provided at the network level. However, non-emergency services performed at an emergency room will be subject to a higher co-pay.

As a Blue Care member, you also have access to our Nurse Advice Line to help determine the best plan for care in non-emergency situations. You can call our Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-552-2134, and speak to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Out-of-State Network Providers

Elective (non-emergency) services provided by an out-of-state Network Provider require prior approval for services to be covered. If a Network Provider refers to a Network Provider located outside of Mississippi, the Provider must pre-certify the services for benefits to be provided. Our Health and Wellness Team will support our Network Providers in determining the medically necessary services and if the services requested can be provided in Mississippi.

be RxSmart Prescription Drug Benefit

be RxSmart Prescription Drug Benefit

Our be RxSmart prescription drug benefits utilize an industry best practice formulary management designed to help you make wise prescription drug choices through the use of generics and other low-cost alternatives to many brand name drugs. A drug must be listed on the formulary and purchased from a Community PLUS Pharmacy to be covered. Certain drugs require prior approval to be covered. We also provide enhanced drug searches and cost-savings tools through our secure myBlue member portal.

Prescription Drug Categories

With the Be RxSmart prescription drug benefit, prescription drugs are grouped into categories to help members understand the most cost-effective options. Category One drugs have the lowest cost, and Category Four drugs have the highest cost. When you choose Category One drugs, you only have to pay the applicable co-pay amount because the prescription drug deductible does not apply to Category One drugs.

Maintenance Drugs

Maintenance Drugs are prescribed for use on an ongoing basis. For these prescription drugs, members can receive a 90-day supply of maintenance drugs at a lower cost from one of our Community PLUS Maintenance Pharmacies.

Community PLUS Network Pharmacies

Community PLUS Network Pharmacies are located throughout the state of Mississippi and across the country to give you the convenience of access to your prescription drugs at home and when you travel.

Blue Health Management

Blue Health Management

Members may also qualify for our Blue Health Management. With Blue Health Management, our Health and Wellness Team works with Network Providers to make sure member care is provided in the most cost-effective setting, to include our Centers of Excellence.

Based on your health status, you may also qualify for one of our Health Management Programs such as Color Me Healthy! which supports our members in managing their diabetes, cholesterol or blood pressure.

Our Blue Care health and wellness benefit plan is also designed to support you with healthy lifestyle choices, such as adopting healthy eating habits or beginning an exercise program. For information on healthy eating or to find a wellness center near you that will discount your membership if you are a Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi member, visit our "be healthy" section.

myBlue Online Benefit & Claims Information


The myBlue web portal gives members 24/7 access to everything related to their benefit plans. With myBlue, members can access claims history, prescription drug information, electronic Explanation of Benefits and more. With myBlue members enjoy:

  • Simple, secure registration through a home computer or mobile device.
  • On-the-go access through the myBlue mobile app available for download through iTunes or Google Play app store.
  • A virtual ID card that ensures access to benefits when and where they need it.
  • Fifteen months of claims history, including payments, co-pay and deductible amounts.

Optional Life Benefit

When you apply for Blue Care health and wellness coverage, if you choose to also apply for life coverage, you will be asked questions that will be used to determine your eligibility for optional life coverage through Bluebonnet Life. Bluebonnet Life Insurance Company is an independent life insurance company that does not provide Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi products or services, and is solely responsible for the life insurance coverage referenced above.