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Clay County - Healthy Workplace
Company Profile

Clay County is a large underwritten municipality with the county seat located in West Point, Mississippi. They have 93 employees with benefits through Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. They have been a Healthy Workplace group since October 2011. In their first year as a Healthy Workplace, the group displayed a great deal of enthusiasm. They have a wellness champion that is on board to ensure all employees have the ability to participate in worksite wellness activities and also have a dedicated team of department heads. They had 75 percent participation in the Personal Wellness Profile in 2011 and 55 percent in 2012.

Business Challenge

The greatest challenge Clay County employees face is dedicating the time to focus on their health. The majority of the employees are shift workers with various workday hours. There are several employees that work night shifts and it becomes a challenge to actively participate in some of the wellness programs offered to the employees who work day shifts.

Clay County - Healthy Workplace Clay County - Healthy Workplace Clay County - Healthy Workplace

The Solution

In 2011, a Personal Wellness Profile and Health Screenings were introduced to the Group. The employees expressed interest and excitement in beginning a wellness program that offered the education needed to improve their health. The wellness committee worked to schedule the screenings where each employee would have the opportunity to attend. The group also worked with their Board of Supervisors to allow employees time away from work for their Healthy You! visit. The employees are eager to participate in any wellness challenge presented and are better educated to understand healthy habits.

The Results

In 2011, 75 percent of Clay County employees participated in the Personal Wellness Profile and Health Screenings with 55 percent in 2012. The decrease in participation was a result of unscheduled events that could not be avoided during the screenings. The biometric comparison from year one to year two reflected positive results with a decrease in the amount of employees with a Body Mass Index reading of obese, a decrease in total cholesterol and a significant decrease from 32 percent to 24 percent of employees with an at risk blood pressure reading. The employees also reflect positive results with improved lifestyle behaviors including an increase from 19 percent to 26 percent of employees exercising regularly. Additionally, 88 percent of employees practice good stress management skills. Other positive results include 54 percent of employees reporting they eat breakfast daily or almost every day. This is a good health practice related to longevity and improved mental and physical performance.

In 2013, Clay County will focus on nutrition related to "Eating on the Go." With numerous Clay County employees who work offsite or irregular shifts, this group faces significant challenges when it comes to healthy eating. There will also be a focus on establishing healthy habits around exercise by providing employees educational material with the basic information on cardiovascular exercise, strength training and flexibility exercises.